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KLD943 Sandalo Sandalo Argento Argento KLD943 Platino Platino CAFèNOIR CAFèNOIR CAFèNOIR Directional Wireless Antenna
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Directional WiFi Antennas

If you are trying to set up a stable high speed wireless network, then we recommend getting two high gain directional antennas. You can easily create a point to point WiFi network by connecting a wireless router to your high speed DSL or cable modem. Then just connect one of our directional antennas to the wireless router and point it at your friend's house. If you have a lot of friends, you could try an Omni, though the gain will never be as much. But please don't alienate any of your friends by sharing your wireless connection flippantly. Anyway...

Remember, line of site works best when you are sending and receiving 802.11, so try to mount the antenna free of trees and buildings if possible. We recommend using two directional antennas if you really want a strong signal. Even if you mount one directional antenna outdoors and connect it with the wireless router, the other computer (or wireless access point, wireless bridge, etc) may not get a strong signal if it is indoors in the other building. So basically, two external directional antennas will allow you to share a high speed wireless network. But if you are really serious, get a wireless amplifier and have those friends throw in on it!


High Gain Backfire Wireless Antenna

The Backfire WiFi Antenna has very good gain for such a small antenna. Performance on 2.4 GHz is excellent!! The 15 dB Backfire is the antenna we recommend for extended wireless coverage or building to building links.
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Price: $57.95

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Non-Line-of-Sight Panel 14

Our Non-Line-of-Sight Panel 15 Antennas deliver 14 dB gain from the broadband location, direct to your desired link location. If two of these antennas are used for a Point-to-Point installation you can easily go a distance of 5 miles!!! We are also offering a Point-to-Point Kit using the Non-Line-of-Sight Panel 15 Antennas.
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Price: $129.95
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14 Element 2.4 GHz Yagi Antenna

If you purchase an omni antenna for your main "base station" antenna of your wifi system, it is best to purchase a directional antenna for your other systems for linking purposes.
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Price: $64.95
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Weatherproof 16-Element Yagi WiFi Antenna

The Weatherproof Yagi WiFi Antenna is a powerful directional 2.4 GHz antenna. It is very durable and sturdy. Many people have had great success using the Yagi Wireless Antenna to create a strong point to point wireless network. You can also put this antenna on the client side of your network to access a distant hotspot or access point.
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Price: $89.95

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Wall Mount WiFi Antenna 7dBi 90 Degree

Our Indoor Wall Mount Wireless Antennas are specifically designed for the demands of the indoor wireless LAN environment. They offer high gain in a thin, low profile pack age.. There are two models available with different horizontal beamwidths depending on the coverage needs of the wireless LAN.
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Price: $34.95

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14 Element Weatherproof Yagi Antenna

The 14 Element Weatherproof Yagi is a sturdy and durable hight gain WiFi antenna. It is an excellent choice for use when designing a point to point wireless LAN network since you can use it to create a stable connection between multiple access points.
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Price: $89.95

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The BackFire Echo is an excellent Wireless antenna for improving the performance of your Wireless LAN. If you are having trouble accessing a wireless router or access point, you can connect this antenna to your wireless client for a dramatic signal boost. You can also use this antenna to create a strong point to point/multipoint Wireless LAN network.
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Price: $52.95
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Built Gown Black Halter Slim In Dress Bra Fit cotyledon Mermaid Women`s E0q7vv KLD943 CAFèNOIR Platino CAFèNOIR Argento KLD943 Argento Sandalo Sandalo CAFèNOIR Platino  

RL1000 Wall Mount Wireless Antenna

High gain and high power handling capability are what makes the RL1000 so unique. This antenna produces very high gain and an extremely narrow radiation pattern for its small size. This is the perfect antenna for mounting under the eaves of a home or business complex.
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Price: $39.95

KLD943 CAFèNOIR Argento Platino Sandalo KLD943 Sandalo Argento Platino CAFèNOIR CAFèNOIR  

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The RadioLabs 19 dBI Flat Panel WiFi Antenna is a popular antenna for our WISP customers. This antenna will allow you to easily set up a stable link between your access points and a distant wireless router.
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Price: $74.95
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